Peter and Jamie Hicks formed Hicks Brothers, LLC in April, 2005.  They purchased the business from Jamie's father, William "Billy" Hicks, and uncle, Robert "Bobby" Hicks.  Billy and Bobby had farmed together as Hicks Brothers.  In 2005, Bobby decided to begin farming on his own in the Midwest.

Meadow Springs Farm, Hicks Brothers, LLC is a crop farm located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, that produces corn, soybeans, wheat, rye harvested as straw, grain sorghum, mixed hay and grass hay.

All of our soybeans, wheat, rye, grain sorghum and ninety five percent of corn is planted using no-till technology.  When using this technology the ground is disturbed only to insert the seeds into the soil.  This minimizes the exposure of the soil to wind and water erosion and is proven to be more environmentally friendly. 

In addition to our no-till practices, we have also invested in drying equipment for baled hay.  This allows us to bale good quality hay with higher moisture content.  This reduces the risk of the hay losing quality as a result of rain falling on the hay before it is baled.

Furthermore, we use the latest GPS technologies on our combine.  This permits us to better track yield, moisture, and acreages.  This also allows us to map the fields and farms we operate.